Our Capoeira program is for everyone. We have young children, adults of all ages and skill levels, and teenagers that all love capoeira class. Most people that start capoeira classes have no experience at all, and are starting from the very beginning. Others have some training in martial arts or dance. Even if you have some experience in music, or learning another language, these can all serve you as you train capoeira. We have students from the Twin cities and surrounding areas including St Paul, Minneapolis, Maplewood, Roseville, Oakdale, Burnsville, Eagan, Apple Valley, Shakopee, Mendota Heights, Inver Grove Heights, West St Paul, St Paul Park, Cottage Grove, Woodbury, Edina, Eden Prairie, and Forest Lake. No matter who you are, how old you are, where you live or what your experience level, we’ve got a place for you!


Capoeira is played in a roda (or circle) with a live bateria (rhythm section).  The bateria typically consists of a berimbau (one stringed instrument), an atabaque (drum) and a pandeiro (similar to a tambourine).  Variations of the bateria can include additional instruments (like the agogo), having multiple berimbaus or just one berimbau and two pandeiros (traditional regional style). The berimbau is the lead instrument of roda.  The toque (rhythm) played on the berimbau signals the type of game that is played in the roda.  We also sing (in Portuguese!).


This has got to be the best workout in the world. Most importantly it’s a lot of fun, and everyone in class is enthusiastic and excited about what they’re doing. That enthusiasm is contagious and you’ll feel it the moment you walk through the door. You’ll build strength, long lean muscles, flexibility, and maintain a healthy weight for your body type. What could you accomplish with a healthier, stronger, more flexible body?

Outside of just the physical benefits of training capoeira you’ll see your confidence in other parts of your life soar! By mixing the physical workout with musical and language training you’ll be engaging parts of your brain that need to be stimulated. Studying another culture helpsdevelop social skills you can apply at school, work, and home. Capoeira classes offer lots of performance opportunities for those interested, and even opportunities to travel!

We genuinely believe there is no better place on Earth to develop a better you. Give classes a shot and see what goals you can accomplish.


Let’s face it. Capoeira is hard. Everybody in class struggles with something at one time or another. You will too. But that’s what’s so great about this exotic art form. It takes you outside your comfort zone on a regular basis, and if you struggle with that, this is the best way to beat it. Students and teachers are welcoming and understanding. We’ve all been through it and still find our own challenges in our own training. We’ll help you every step of the way.


Our instructors are trained to help students achieve some amazing feats with their bodies in a safe, supportive, and progressive way. Most importantly, they’ll work with the skill level of each individual student to make sure that they have the strenghth and flexibility to be learning at a fun and challenging pace. Training acrobatic movements creates some awesome self confidence. You’ll learn to manage fear, see real progress toward your goals, and have lots of chances to show off your newly developed skills.

When push comes to shove acrobatics is a big piece of this martial art form, but no one is ever required to train something they don’t feel safe attemping. You will be amazed at what you’ll be able to do!


In a nutshell capoeira is an artform unlike any other. It combines elements of martial arts, music, dance, and acrobatics into something that can be really hard to define. You’ve got to experience it to really understand what it’s all about. You’ll definitely be training lots of things you won’t see in karate or tae kwon do class.

Capoeira comes from a different place than traditional Asian martial arts. Developed during the slave trade in Brazil, the martial aspects of this art-form focus more on escaping and evasive movements than constant direct confrontation. Creativity in solving problems is valued above hurting your partner. In a world where martial arts often means sweaty guys in an octagon it can be refreshing to learn about the history and culture of this exotic art.


Capoeira classes are great opportunities to recognize your limitations and be willing to work at expanding your horizons. Everybody brings somethings special to capoeira. Maybe its a great sense of rhythm, gymnastics or tumbling experience, a passion for dance, whatever. But we all start somewhere and that first class can raise your adrenaline. So, here’s a few things to know.

For your first capoeira classes wear pants that are flexible. You’ll want to buy capoeira pants eventually because they fit right in order to not limit your kicking and movements.

Capoeira Classes do include a brief set of stretches so we encourage students to arrive a few minutes early to do additional stretching before class. Of course, stretching after class is always recommended.

Classes are composed of teaching movements, executing movements with other players, strength training and exercising, competitions, and of course, rodas. Each month we change our lesson plan so during that time we combine condition with capoeira movement to get better results.

Most capoeira classes will also have a musical component. If your musical background is limited do not worry, playing capoeira music is easy to learn the basics and is relaxing.

Students are always encouraged to work within their personal limits while constantly pushing for new boundaries.

Capoeira can be demanding so make sure you stay hydrated and expect to be a little sore the next day after your first classes.


New students don’t immediately qualify for all of the training options available at Capoeira Minnesota. After a short introductory period of training, many students choose to apply for the Leadership training program and discover how much more they can get out of training capoeira. Capoeira is and always has been a tool for creating effective members of society. This leadership training program provides students with a focused curriculum that helps them refine and apply the benefits of capoeira training to their personal, professional, and family life.


Yes. One of the most inspiring things we see at Capoeira Minnesota is our students accomplishing things they never knew were possible. Our curriculum is structured and our instructors are trained to maximize the effectiveness of your personal training. We’ve seen this happen in our own lives, we’re excited to help you do it too!


We’ll create a tuition payment plan that will work conveniently for you. Please contact us for more information. We do accept tuition payments by check, credit card, or ACH withdrawal and can arrange for tuition payments to be made at any time during the month, which means we can find the tuition payment option that will work best for you.

For more information about our class schedule, class rates, student discounts, and our other programs, fill out our Contact Us form.


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